April 27, 2013

When I Was at my Best

I leave for Iceland in less than two days – How exciting! I had a blast during the past 1 1/2 months of being back home and biking through the city and cooking ridiculous amounts of food for loads of people. And seeing stuff start to sprout! Spring is finally in full bloom.

 photo 41a83782-a314-4980-b859-04d3fb33d2e2_zps375f7639.jpg

And speaking of sprouts and whatnot – Did you know you can regrow your greens? Check it out! Various lettuces and celery and a whole bunch more. For the lettuces and celery, we just used what we needed, chopped off and kept the bottom part and stuck it in a bit of water by a window for a few days, watching it grow each day. Eventually you’ll want to plant it in soil so it can do better and actually have nutrients when you eat it. Radical Montreal actually has an AWESOME post about various urban greenery, and the author also posted about regrowing your produce. Check it out! Very neat and inspiring.

 photo 206b3efd-916a-4e80-8f3c-3b37e7ea7393_zpsa3c95f9a.jpg

I like learning cooking techniques and flavor mixes from my roommate, and I have to say I am quite impressed with Zbynek’s cooking. He can take any abandoned, rotting, forgotten, random produce he finds in the fridge, mix it more rotting produce in a stir fry and mix in whatever sauces he can find, whether it be BBQ sauce, soy sauce, worchestire sauce, mayonnaise, chutneys, various spices – whatever! – and mix that all up together with a huge dollup of peanut butter and some funky vegan “meat”, and it’s frikking amazing. Delicious food made with stuff that would have otherwise be thrown out because no one else wanted to deal with it. I decided to have a go at Zbynek-style food and cooked myself a stir fry with whatever vegetables I could find in the fridge (that weren’t in THAT horrible of shape), vegan “chicken”, BBQ sauce, spices and a whole lot of peanut butter and added a ladle-full of that schtuff on some rice and, indeed, it was delicious! And filling.

 photo e1bd91e4-ad6c-454b-89c1-719179ea14ef_zps5390aef5.jpg

I never thought I’d put this picture online but I thought it’d make a good addition to my blog right now. Like my shorts tan? Haha. This is infact me, about 3.5 years ago while on a trip in Mexico. It saddens me to see I’ve gained back almost all the weight that I started with right before I changed my eating habits (mostly due to living through lots of stress and being an emotional eater with personal issues), but I’m hopeful because I know I can get back to being this slim. I cannot believe that some of my relatives recently informed me that they thought I was Too thin when I came back from that trip and I just scoffed in disbelief. Me, thin? Or even better, TOO thin? Never. During this trip I felt like I needed to continue losing more weight, but I admit I was indeed at my best and I desperately want to get back to that.

I am going to take this jump to Iceland as a “starting fresh” determination to get back into shape, but this time to eat a broader variety of food and to exercise a lot more. Thankfully Siggi will be there with me so we can kick each other in the @$$ to keep in gear. I look forward to hiking through the land of fire and ice, and of course as well as the culinary adventure! Rotting shark, singed sheep heads and cow eyeballs, Mmm!


  1. You looked great and still do look great! :)

    Comment by Sophia — April 28, 2013 @ 7:13 am

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